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Buena Park's Dependable Deck Coating & Waterproofing Contractor

Tuff Kote Systems is the leading choice for deck coating and waterproofing services in Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area. Our knowledge and excellence of craftsmanship is unmatched in the field, and we offer Buena Park the best value around in terms of competitive pricing. Our company was established in 1986, and since that time we have provided our comprehensive coating and waterproofing services for thousands of satisfied residential and commercial clients throughout our service area. Our skilled craftsmen observe the highest standards of professionalism while on the jobsite at your home or business, and we install only premium quality coating and waterproofing systems for all of our projects.

At Tuff Kote, we offer Buena Park a full range of coating and waterproofing services for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, including:

  • Deck, elevated walkway, and balcony coating.
  • Deck repair and restoration services.
  • Decorative/textured coatings for interior floors and hardscape surfaces such as patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks.
  • Waterproofing – both above and below grade.
  • Vehicular traffic coatings.
  • Epoxy garage floor coatings.
  • Concrete staining.
  • Title 24 compliant roof coating.

Contact the deck coating and waterproofing specialists at Tuff Kote Systems today, Buena Park. We provide estimates to all of Orange County and the greater Los Angeles region. Tuff Kote Systems is licensed.

Durable Deck, Balcony, and Elevated Walkway Coating for Buena Park, California

At Tuff Kote Systems, we can install state of the art coating systems on decks, balconies, stairways, elevated walkways, and other exterior surfaces in Buena Park. Let us give your home or business a whole new look with our beautiful coating systems, available in an extensive array of colors, patterns, and texture. Our deck coating systems are the perfect way to bring new life to your damaged, weathered, or worn concrete or wood deck surface, and are backed by excellent warranties. Our deck coatings also provide added safety to decks, stairways, and walkways, because they are slip resistant, as well as ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Concrete Staining for Buena Park Floors, Patios, Driveways, Pool Decks, and Walkways

Because of its porous nature, concrete makes an ideal surface for stain application. Staining is a very cost-effective way of adding design interest to interior floors and exterior hardscape surfaces such as pool decks, patios, walkways, and driveways in Buena Park. Concrete stains and dyes are available in a wide range of colors, and can be applied using a variety of techniques for different design effects. They can applied singly, or multiple stains can be applied for a multi-tonal effect. In addition, they can also be applied in a pattern, creating a stunning mosaic look. Concrete stains are permanent, and soak directly into the concrete surface to which they are applied. They will not fade, chip, or peel away, but will last throughout the life of the concrete floor, patio, pool deck, walkway, driveway, or any other hardscape surface to which they are applied. Rely upon Tuff Kote Systems for excellent concrete staining design and craftsmanship, at competitive prices. Call us today for an estimate.

Buena Park's First Choice for Decorative Concrete Finishing

At Tuff Kote Systems, our beautiful and durable decorative finishes are the ideal solution for revitalizing weathered, worn, or damaged Buena Park pool decks, driveways, and interior and exterior floors. They are easy to maintain, because they are mold, mildew, and stain resistant. In addition, they are formulated to be stronger than conventional concrete, and provide a long-lasting, protective finish which strengthens the structural integrity of pool decks, driveways, and interior and exterior flooring systems while at the same time, transforming them into a striking architectural accent.

Buena Park's Trusted Contractor for Title 24 Compliant Roof Coating

According to Title 24 requirements, specific types of commercial, industrial, and institutional roofs built over conditioned spaces in Buena Park must meet what is referred to as "cool roof" standards. Cool roofs possess superior solar reflectance(SR) and thermal emittance (TE) properties, and for this reason, protect the structures over which they are installed from absorbing the heat of the sun. When a roof does not possess these properties, it absorbs a greater amount of thermal energy from the sun, and retains this energy, which then travels downward through the layers of the roof and into the conditioned space in the building. This process results in the need for increased air conditioning usage, leading to higher energy bills.

Buena Park's Leading Above & Below Grade Waterproofing Contractor

At Tuff Kote Systems, we are experts at diagnosing and resolving below grade and above grade moisture problems for our valued residential and commercial clients in Buena Park, and have over 25 years of experience working in the waterproofing industry. In conjunction with our general contracting division, General Contracting Group, we provide comprehensive waterproofing services for both below grade and above grade structural components and hardscape features. We can waterproof roofs, decks, elevated walkways, and balconies, protecting them from damage due to leaks. We also waterproof hardscape surfaces such as pool decks, driveways, planter boxes, courtyards, ponds, pool decks, and ponds, sealing them against staining and soiling. In addition, we also waterproof vital below grade supporting structural components. We can waterproof foundation and retaining walls, concrete foundation slabs, and footings, and prevent or remediate such issues as water seepage and vapor transmission which can lead to serious corrosive damage in these structures such as concrete spalling, reinforcing steel corrosion, and the development of cracks in the structure due to settlement. But this is only the beginning of the damage below grade moisture problems can produce, as this moisture often leads to the growth of mold and mildew which spreads upwards into the building's envelope, damaging the building's structure and constituting a potential cause of major air quality concerns for the building's occupants.

Buena Park's Comprehensive Deck Repair, Restoration, & Maintenance Experts

Tuff Kote Systems provides deck restoration, maintenance, and repair services to Buena Park homes and businesses, in conjunction with our general contracting division, General Contracting Group. We provide deck cleaning services, and can repair or replace damaged deck members. We can remediate drainage problems and install new flashing where it is damaged or inadequate. We can replace damaged deck sheathing, and repair cracks in the deck's surface. And when the deck is located on top of a structure which has suffered water damage due to leakage through the deck, we can perform roof and ceiling repairs. And as a part of our comprehensive restoration services, we patch and paint all stucco damaged during the course of our repairs, as well as replace damaged siding as necessary.

Buena Park, California Calls Tuff Kote Systems for Comprehensive Deck Coating & Waterproofing Services

Join our thousands of satisfied residential and commercial clients who have relied upon us to install premium quality deck coating and waterproofing systems at very competitive prices. Contact us today in Buena Park. We service all of Orange County, and the greater Los Angeles region. Tuff Kote Systems is licensed.

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I highly recommend using this company. I've used them on a couple of properties over the last 15 years. The first was a pool deck & the second was on my patio deck. Beautiful work & very professional.

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