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Hire a Licensed Waterproofing Contractor

All waterproofing companies are not created equal. Don’t be fooled there are companies doing work and do not carry the correct license under the state.

These knock off companies are not licensed, and are breaking the law. So if something happens there insurance will not cover their work or property damage. Your stuck holding the bag.

If the an HOA hires the wrong company with the wrong license. The members can sue the HOA and the management company. Also, always check to make sure they also carry HOA insurance. On top of everything else

The licenses for waterproofing are C-39 & C-33 or B License doing two or more trades Investing in an outdoor deck is an extremely smart investment. In fact, according to the North American Deck and Railing Association, decks have an average return on investment of 100%.

Extend Your Service Life

Decks are an enjoyable part of a property. Decks can last for many years if maintained. Quarterly power washing goes a long way to maintain your decks.


The standard rule for resealing your deck is every 3-4 years depending on foot traffic.

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